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Our Company is specialized in dealing with production at medium and medium-high level of quality.

Romanian manufacturers can provide very good quality woven garments in

Mens Wear :
   * Shirts
   * Dressed-up Trousers, Washed Trousers
   * Constructed Jackets, Un-Constructed Washed Jackets
   * Coats

Ladies Wear :
   * Dressed-up and Casual Trousers
   * Skirts, Blouses, Dresses, Tops
   * Constructed and Un-Constructed Jackets
   * Coats

There are very good washing facilities which can provide any kind of washing in the garment and other special finishing’s, as well as dying in the garment.

The manufacturers work on a CMT base when the clients provide samples and shell fabric for the production or they provide full garment if the clients can adapt fabrics from Romanian weavers (specialized mainly in worsted woolen blends) to their styles & collections.

Minimum order accepted is 1000 pieces/style but there are manufacturers big enough to handle orders of 50000 pieces/style in 6 weeks confection lead-time.

We supervise a large volume of orders in knitwear for men’s, women or children, in any composition of yarns, mainly imported from European Spinners, only a few basic blends are produced locally. The most represented gauges are 5, 7/8, 10 and 12 as well as the multi-head 21gg.  The new technology "knit & Wear" is also available.

All knitwear manufacturers work full garment, they provide the yarns based on the client's request.
The minimum orders are of 100 pieces/style for garments made up with local yarns and about 500 pieces/style for garments made with imported yarns. Also in knitwear, washed and dyed garments can be provided.


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