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Inspection & Sourcing Services

TEXTIL LAND is an inspection and sourcing company in the textile field, based in Bucharest, acting mainly on the Romanian territory.

We offer our services to various European clients who buy Apparel from Romania.

We are structured in a Merchandising Department, Researching for New Manufactures and New Materials, according to the clients' requirements and a Quality Control Department, checking both during production and before shipments, at manufacturers' premises.

Whenever requested, we can issue an Inspection/Quality Certificate for the merchandise, based on spot checking before shipments; we do not have a certified authorization to issue these Certificates but based on the experience of our trained staff (textile engineers) our clients accept our reports, especially in case of Letter of Credit payments.

We strictly follow our clients' requests, based on their orders and sealed-samples. We are responsible also for the production follow-up, in order to give any sort of technical assistance to the manufacturers, but always focused on the client's best interest.



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